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BBB Accredited

Better Business
Bureau Member



TUXEDO is an ACCREDITED Better Business Bureau member with “A+" Rating. Accreditation is different than just being a member. An accredited member strives to build trust in their business by upholding the BBB Standards of Trust which are:

  • Build Trust; 

  • Advertise Honestly; 

  • Tell the Truth; 

  • Be Transparent; 

  • Honor Promises; 

  • Be Responsive; 

  • Safeguard Privacy and Embody Integrity.

The BBB accreditation process involves company verification, business licence, business reviews and a deep review of our website statements, facts and promises. TAXIDO is not simply a “pay-for-fee” BBB member, we are an ACCREDITED member. We are proud to comply and be approved as an accredited member. Trust Taxido LLC to take the furthest steps possible to establish trust based upon our accreditation through the Better Business Bureau.

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