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Is Tuxedo Any Different From Other Car Service Companies?

Choosing upscale transportation isn't cliché; it's about getting what you pay for. Opting for a luxury vehicle, much like picking a 5-star hotel or restaurant, is reserved for special occasions. If price guides your choice, you risk disappointment. Here's why lower prices might be a red flag:

  1. Old vehicles.

  2. Poor maintenance is common among "inexpensive" luxury providers.

  3. Non-functional AC.

  4. Lights malfunctioning.

  5. Broken or missing entertainment systems.

  6. Damaged roof.

  7. Unclean vehicles

  8. Lack of insurance or city permits.

  9. Underpaid chauffeurs deliver poor service, affecting your experience.

  10. Unreliable service - late arrivals, wrong vehicles, or no-shows.

Hiring a luxury transportation company is an investment. Is it worth saving a few bucks on your special occasions?

We're proud to offer clean, well-maintained, licensed vehicles with trained, courteous chauffeurs. As BBB members with an A+ rating and Orlando's #1 transportation company on TripAdvisor, we prioritize your satisfaction over shortcuts.

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